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For restaurant operators,

by restaurant operators

As restaurant operators, we know the struggle.  Costs are rising, business is declining, and many family restaurants are forced to give their profits away at the expense of the big tech. 

Our mission is to allow small businesses to pass their savings back to their loyal customers. 

Instead of unreasonable commissions, your customer pays a small service fee at checkout.  With honest pricing & creative promos, they'll thank you.

How it works.

We set up an "Order Now" button directly on your homepage, so your customers are coming straight to you.

Customers get special discounts and perks for shopping directly from you.  Their previous ordering information is saved to allow fast & easy checkout.  They'll reward you with generous tips as a thank you!

Instant Delivery.

Instead of using 3rd party to place the order & deliver for over 20%, we can use their drivers only to deliver your food,

and your customer pays for it!

No need to inflate your menu by over 25% to compensate for the commissions.  Your customers will Thank you and show they #supportsmallbusiness

"poor" george's plight

a restauranteur's short story.

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Let's bring your vision to life!

Get in touch with us today.

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